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How to Set an Effective COVID Cleaning Schedule

There are now over 117,236,000 global cases of COVID-19. As teams return to work, it's essential to have a plan in place to keep everyone safe. A COVID cleaning schedule can help you promote a safe, healthy work environment for your employees.

Not sure where to start? Here are the COVID cleaning tips you need to succeed.

With these tips, you can maintain the health and safety of your customers and employees. Keeping everyone safe can give your team peace of mind. It can help you maintain customer loyalty and employee morale, too.

Ready to start cleaning? Grab your disinfectant and get started with these tips today!

1. Draft a Plan

First, sit down with your team and develop a plan. You can use a daily, weekly, monthly cleaning schedule template to stay organized.

Determine what needs to be cleaned based on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. What surfaces are touched most often throughout your offices? You'll need to prioritize disinfecting those areas.

Then, determine how you'll disinfect each area. What equipment and supplies will you need?

You might struggle to find personal protective equipment (PPE) for your team. Keep that in mind before you purchase supplies.

Remind your team that your cleaning schedule will help promote health and wellness. Keeping your team on board will make it easier for you to keep your office clean.

There's a difference between cleaning and disinfecting, though.

Cleaning removes dust and dirt from surfaces. You might physically remove germs during the cleaning process. Disinfecting, however, kills germs using chemicals.

The CDC recommends you only disinfect if someone is already carrying a contagious illness.

Here are a few tips that can help you break down your cleaning schedule template.

Daily Cleaning

Try to sanitize any frequently touched surfaces once a day. Sanitizing these surfaces can keep COVID from spreading:

  • Doors

  • Doorknobs/handles

  • Office desks

  • Railings

  • Windows

  • Office phones

  • Cubicle areas/dividers

  • Computer keyboards

Next, empty the trash each day. You might want to consider sanitizing the trash can as well. Otherwise, germs can linger around the trash can.

Try to remove clutter from your office by reorganizing your workspaces. Make sure your team members remain six feet from each other. You can use masking tape to mark different spaces.

Maintaining social distancing guidelines can help protect your team. Minimizing clutter can also keep germs from traveling.

Don't forget to dust, too.

In the kitchen office, keep the sink clear by washing dishes regularly. Make sure there aren't any coffee cups lingering around the office. Don't leave any wet mugs to dry.

Empty the trash in the break room to keep pests out of your office. Then, disinfect any kitchen surfaces and sweep up.

Don't forget the restrooms. Your bathroom cleaning schedule should include:

  • Emptying all trash bins

  • Sweeping the floors

  • Spraying and disinfecting doors, doorknobs, countertops, toilets, toilet paper dispensers, etc.

  • Restocking the paper towels, toilet paper, and tissues

  • Disinfecting the inside of the toilet

Use gloves and wash your hands during and after these chores.

Roanoke, Virginia Commercial Cleaning

Weekly Cleaning

Go a little further with your weekly cleaning schedule. Gather the right tools, including:

  • Green cleaning spray

  • Disinfecting wipes, spray, or diluted bleach solutions

  • Masks

  • Gloves

  • Paper towels or microfiber cloths

First, make sure to vacuum all carpeted areas. You might want to invest in a HEPA vacuum.

Make sure no one's left any food in any drawers or cabinets by the end of the week. Check the fridge for expired food items, too.

Mop any hard floors in the office, bathrooms, or kitchen area. Then, clean your glass surfaces.

Don't forget to check any hard-to-reach areas to remove dust.

Make sure you're using an EPA-approved disinfectant designed for COVID-19. You should follow all protection practices that are noted on the label.

2. Safety First

Before disinfecting, always read the label and follow the instructions.

Make sure you're wearing gloves. You might want to use goggles to protect your eyes, too.

Use proper ventilation throughout your offices before you use a chemical disinfectant. Use only the amount noted on the label. If any of the solutions are diluted, label them properly.

Store any chemicals you use in a safe place. Make sure to avoid mixing chemicals or products.

While disinfecting, avoid breathing the products in. Make sure to wear a mask.

EPA's six steps for safely using disinfectant include:

  1. Make sure the product is EPA-approved

  2. Read the instructions

  3. Pre-clean the surface

  4. Follow the contact time on the directions

  5. Wear gloves and wash your hands

  6. Store the products away safely

Keep these steps in mind as you continue disinfecting your offices.

3. Educate Your Team

Talk to your team about your cleaning schedule to keep everyone on the same page. You should also discuss how to keep COVID from spreading throughout the office.

First, talk to your team about the signs of COVID-19. What should they do if they think they're sick? Have them stay home to keep COVID from spreading throughout the office.

Minimizing physical contact between your team members. For example, you can implement a work-from-home strategy. Otherwise, discourage handshaking.

Try to minimize business travel as well.

Consider checking everyone's temperature at the door. Thermal cameras can also help you check for fevers. Otherwise, consider using Bluetooth contact tracing to help your team.

Don't forget to implement social distancing guidelines throughout the office.

4. Hire an Expert

In light of COVID-19, the professional cleaning services market could reach $100 billion by 2026.

You don't have to develop your cleaning schedule alone. Instead, consider having a specialized team visit your offices each month. A professional cleaning and sanitation team can go the extra mile for your team.

Hiring professional cleaners can give you peace of mind. You'll know they have products capable of killing germs and viruses. Their experience and expertise can help you establish a monthly cleaning schedule with COVID in mind.

Establishing a COVID Cleaning Schedule: 4 Tips for Success

Keep your offices sparkling clean and COVID-free. With these COVID-cleaning schedule tips, you can give your employees and customers peace of mind. Maintain your team's health and safety with these tips today.

Need help keeping to your cleaning schedule? We have the next-level solutions you need.

Contact us today for quality janitorial services!


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