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5 Reasons to Call a Professional Cleaner During COVID-19

Spending on cleaning supplies and wellness products has increased over 35% compared with Pre-COVID times. Hand sanitizer alone saw an 838% increase!

Whether you participated in the bulk buying or not, COVID brought to light just how insufficient standard cleaning procedures were. Now is a better time than ever to hire a professional cleaner.

Read along to learn 5 reasons why you should hire professional cleaning services for your business.

1. The Job Gets Done Right

Sure, you can hire someone off the street, hand them a bottle of chemicals, and tell them to go clean. But, how confident are you that the job is being done correctly?

Professional cleaning services guarantee the cleanliness of your space. Also, janitorial services often operate outside of normal business hours so as not to disturb your business.

2. Professional Cleaners Save You Time

Ensuring your property is clean inside and out will eat up your valuable time! You can focus your efforts on what you are best a: running your business smoothly and effectively.

Don't try to DIY this project. Save yourself time and stress by hiring a professional cleaner.

3. Your Employees Will Thank You

Imagine the peace of mind your employees will feel knowing that every day when they show up to work, they are arriving in a clean and safe space.

Research has shown that clean workplaces reduce the number of sick days taken by employees, and lead to a boost in productivity. Hiring a cleaning service is an investment that your employees will thank you for.

4. Your Customers Will Thank You

Your employees aren't the only people who will notice your professionally cleaned space. Have you ever walked into a store and noticed dusty shelves, dirty floors, or stained walls? Customers notice and care if your store appears dirty.

A well-cleaned store with a fresh smell will make a good impression and can boost sales. Cleaning services will keep your soaps and paper towels stocked so customers never have to go without.

Nail that first impression and go with professional cleaning services.

5. Protect Your Investment

Your business is filled with expensive furniture, equipment, products, and technology. Cleaning supplies, if used incorrectly, can be incredibly damaging.

For example, glass cleaner is great for glass. However, when used on TVs, computer screens, or phones, it can lead to yellowing brittle screens. Professional cleaners know the correct method of application to clean without doing damage.

Professional cleaning services have special training to eliminate the COVID-19 virus. They use CDC and EPA-registered disinfectants in ways that will kill the virus, not your stuff.

Hire a Professional Cleaner Today

You've worked hard to nurture and grow your business. Continue to protect your business by keeping it a clean environment free from dirt and germs.

The professional cleaner crew at Next Level Building Solutions Inc. will have your place spotless and ready to impress. Call today to book quality service.


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