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5 Ways Clean Offices Boost Employee Productivity

As a small business owner, you're always looking to boost productivity where you can.

Whether it's overhauling your entire IT workflow, incentivizing your employees more, or rearranging the office, making little changes from time to time can really drive productivity. Even something as seemingly inconsequential as having a clean office can make a huge difference in the way your employees work.

In this post, we're going to discuss the ways that clean offices can benefit businesses and make them more productive. These 5 perks of cleanliness are sure to have you chomping at the bit to hire a cleaner and take your business to the next level, so read on and don't go back to a filthy office ever again.

1. Employee Morale

One of the big things that you have to contend with when your office isn't clean enough is low employee morale. If your employees aren't happy in the office, then they're going to have a much more difficult time staying focused and productive throughout the day. It'll get even worse when you have them cleaning up each other's messes instead of doing their actual job.

A reduction in clutter and grime will lead directly to a happier office environment. It turns out when a company doesn't appear to care about its workers' health and safety, then the workers are far more likely to become disgruntled. Clutter, dusty desks, disorganized paperwork, and overflowing trash bins are bound to stress out even the most easygoing employee.

Have your office cleaned on a regular basis and you'll notice your employees' mood improve and motivation increase. Your office should always be a bright place for your employees to work and your clients to visit.

2. Improving Air Quality

When dust and debris are allowed to infiltrate your office, the environment can become, quite literally, toxic. Allergens can quickly run wild because dust can get inside every crack and crevice in the place. When your office is full of cabinets, shelves, drawers, and other storage, it creates a lot of hiding places for these toxins.

Your staff shouldn't have to worry about the air quality in your office. You're going to see absenteeism increase dramatically if your employees feel that the office is a dangerous place to be. That doesn't even include the people that actually get sick from the allergens and irritants.

If employees can't show up to work, you're going to see a massive loss in productivity. Take the measures to keep your office clean and dust won't ever have time to fester and become a danger to anyone at the workplace.

3. Employee Safety Goes Up

A clean office isn't only about keeping dust away, doing the dishes, or emptying the trash bins; it's about clutter and the dangers that it presents to employees and clients alike. If you've got things strewn all over the office, blocking walking routes and fire escapes, then you're eventually going to see some repercussions. Productivity will be the least of your worries if you have a workers' compensation case on your hands.

As we've already stated, your employees should never feel any danger in the office. A few misplaced boxes of files might not seem like a huge danger, but once someone trips and hurts themselves, you'll regret not having kept the office in a better state.

This is a much bigger problem in other working environments, like warehouses or factories. Clutter in these types of high-action workplaces can mean more serious injury or worse.

It's always worth it to hire a cleaner to help you create more storage for the items you need and throw out the rest.

4. Clean Offices Run More Smoothly

A clean office is one that runs without interruptions. As we've already said, dirty offices are proven to have more absenteeism because of sick days; but this combined with low morale and the sense that the employer doesn't care about its employees' health and safety means your office can't actually run effectively at all. When the office is ineffective, it's impossible to be productive at all.

But, when you take care of clutter, you avoid distractions. This improves organization, focus, your ability to keep track of tasks, and your ability to manage your employees and the office in general.

At Next Level Building Solutions, we've seen what a high-functioning office looks like compared to one that doesn't function at all. A lot of it has to do with cleanliness, so don't hesitate to give us a call and solve your productivity problems today.

5. Retain Your Best and Brightest

Productivity occurs because people manifest it. It starts with you, as the business owner, and your ability to lead and motivate your employees, but you need your best and brightest right there alongside you. When you show that you don't care about having a clean office space, then you're going to struggle to keep your most important employees around.

Employee retention is at the heart of success in any industry, so you should always show your employees that you want them around. Cleaning the office on a regular basis to keep it organized and pleasant is such a simple thing to do that'll contribute to their happiness. If they're happy, they're not just going to work hard for you now, but they'll stick around for years to come and help you take your company to the next level and beyond.

Don't Let Your Office Waste Away, Hire a Commercial Cleaner

Now that you know what happens with clean offices and what doesn't happen with dirty ones, you can make the decision whether or not you want to remain in a productive workplace. It's time to show your employees that you care about productivity and hire a commercial cleaner that can keep your office in tip-top shape all the time.

At Next Level Building Solutions, we're central and southwest Virginia's top commercial cleaning company. Our services include janitorial services, pressure washing, floor polishing, carpet cleaning, post-construction cleanup, and coronavirus spraying. Contact us today to discuss how we can improve your office environment.


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