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6 Signs Your Business Might Need Floor Restoration

Flooring is a vital part of any business space, and maintaining your floors is key to retaining a beautiful presentation. The flooring industry is booming and has an estimated global market size of $257.92 billion in 2021 and growing.

If your business has older floors, hardwood, or vinyl flooring, when is it time to consider floor restoration to bring it back to life?

Read on for a list of six signs that your business may need some floor restoration services to make your space look new again.

1. Water Is Penetrating Your Floors

No matter what they're made of, your floors should never soak up water or moisture that can leave unsightly stains behind. Try the "water test" to see if your floors are still protected from spills.

Pour about one tablespoon of water directly onto a small, inconspicuous area. If the water stays on top of the wood and looks like small droplets, then your floor's protective coating should be fine.

If the water looks like it's soaking into the wood, then you may need to consider floor restoration to protect it from future damage. Over time, the sealant or protective coating can wear off, leaving the actual flooring underneath vulnerable to water spots.

2. Floor Restoration: Too Many Scratches and Marks

It's perfectly normal for your floors to have a few scratches here and there. After all, this is where people walk all day long in order to get from one room to another.

But if you notice that your floors are showing tons of marks to the point that they no longer look attractive, you may want to consider getting floor buffing in Roanoke, VA. Floor buffing is an important process that will restore your floor's finish and give it a fresh, new shine.

Remember that scratches and marks don't just make your floors look ugly. It also leaves them vulnerable to stains from water and other liquids, since the protective coating is no longer intact. Fortunately, buffing them and polishing the top layer should remove most mild to moderately severe scratches.

3. Signs of Cupping

Over time, your wooden floorboards may start to bend downward in a concave shape. This is called cupping, and it's not just unsightly. It could also be a sign of serious water damage.

Spills are a common cause of water damage, but cupping is typically due to something more severe like a hidden leak or high humidity levels. You can always sand hardwood floors to remove very mild instances of cupping.

But if the cupping is quite severe, then you'll definitely need to consider more intense floor restoration services. In most cases, any individual boards with cupping should be removed and replaced entirely.

4. You're Getting Splinters in Your Feet

If you're starting to notice that you get splinters in your feet when you walk on the floors, it's a sign that they need some TLC. Most of the time, splinters appear because the sealant on your flooring has worn off.

Leaving your flooring unprotected for too long may eventually lead to more serious and expensive damage. Not only that, but you definitely don't want your employees, customers, and other guests to walk away with tiny shards of wood lodged in their feet!

Contact our cleaning services in Roanoke, VA to ask about our floor buffing service. We can smooth and polish your beautiful floors so that splinters are no longer an issue.

5. The Floors Are Faded or Discolored

A bit of discoloration on vinyl and hardwood floors is natural, especially in areas where the material is constantly exposed to direct sunlight. But too much fading or discoloration means that your floors need some attention ASAP.

For most hardwood floors, you can sand and refinish them to restore them back to their beautiful, natural original color. If you have vinyl floors, there are a few ways you can correct the issue if you want to bring their vibrant color back.

Discolored vinyl floors can usually be restored with proper cleaning. You can try to do this DIY or hire a professional team to help. If you're concerned about the way your commercial vinyl floors look, contact Next Level Building Solutions for professional commercial cleaning services in Roanoke, VA.

6. You Notice Cracks or Soft Spots

Cracked floors are an obvious sign of serious damage, but they can also lead to potentially dangerous trips and falls. Don't let your floors become a liability if you see visible cracks or raised sections.

Soft spots are another red flag to look out for if you think you may need floor restoration. In this case, sections of the floor may need to be removed and replaced altogether.

As for cracks, you might be able to remedy the issue with our floor buffing in Roanoke, VA. A thorough buffing might be enough to smooth out those cracks and give your floors a nice, safe, smooth surface. Remember that uneven floors pose a serious risk to yourself, your employees, and your clients, so be sure to get them restored right away.

Protect Your Floors Through Restoration

Keep this list of six signs in mind if you think that you might be in need of professional floor restoration. With the right process, your floors can look brand-new again, and they'll also be much safer to walk on.

To find out more about our floor buffing in Roanoke, VA, get in touch with us today and we'll be happy to help!


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