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7 Major Signs You Need a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet has a lot of positive attributes. However, over time, it can get ridiculously dirty. And at some point, it's going to need a professional-grade cleaning.

The question is: when is professional carpet cleaning necessary? What are the signs that you need professional carpet cleaning services?

We're going to review seven of them below.

1. There Are Stains on Your Carpet

One of the downsides to carpet is that it stains. If you drop something on it (like food or beverages), that "something" will likely stick to it for months or years to come.

Unfortunately, this can greatly reduce its aesthetic. As such, if your carpet has incurred many different stains, and if those stains have become immediately noticeable, you would be wise to have it cleaned professionally.

Failure to clean your carpet can lead to your property looking unkempt and uncared for. And because your property is representative of your business, leaving it uncared for can drag down your company's reputation.

2. People in Your Building Are Starting to Show Allergy Symptoms

Carpet can do a great job of absorbing water tracked in on shoes. It can do a great job of warming a particular building. Unfortunately, it can also trap a good many of the allergens that exist within our world.

And when this happens, it leaves those around it vulnerable to allergy symptoms. So, if the people in your building are sneezing more, coughing more, complaining of congestion or water eyes, or have flat out told you that their allergies are acting up, you would be wise to clean your carpet.

Now, your carpet might not necessarily be the culprit. However, there's a decent chance that it is, especially if it hasn't been cleaned in the last three months. In the end, it's better to play it safe rather than sorry.

3. You're Having Trouble Cleaning Your Carpet on Your Own

You vacuum the carpet in your property every other day. You try to wipe up spills as they occur. But, try as you might, you can't seem to get your carpet clean.

This is a sure sign that you need professional carpet cleaning services. The reason your carpet isn't getting clean is that the dirt and mildew have embedded themselves deep into the fibers of the carpet. As such, you're not going to be able to remove them with a vacuum and elbow grease.

Commercial carpet cleaning devices will be needed. And who has access to commercial carpet cleaning devices? Your local carpet cleaning company, of course.

4. Your Property Needs an Aesthetic Punch

Maybe you're trying to upgrade the look of your property? Sure, you could carry out a full-on renovation and spend substantial amounts of money doing so. However, you would be surprised at how transformative a simple carpet cleaning can be.

By having your carpet cleaned professionally, you will adorn it with a brand new shine. The interior of your property will appear brighter and it will carry a more positive

Roanoke, Virginia Commercial Cleaning


This can do wonders for the morale within your workplace. Your employees will feel much better coming to work in a bright and cheery workplace than they would in a dark and dingy workplace.

5. You've Been Dragging Salt Through It All Winter

If you live in a cold-weather area, you likely have to contend with snow. And if you have to contend with snow, there's a good chance that you and your employees are getting road salt all over your feet. It stands to reason then that this road salt would be dragged into your workplace and, incidentally, into your carpet.

As you might expect, road salt can cause some fairly serious damage to carpeting, leading to it deteriorating before its time. As such, you need to get it out of your carpet as soon as possible.

So, when spring rolls around, and the snow has subsided for the year, make sure to bring in a professional carpet cleaner. Doing so yearly can add years of use to your carpeting.

6. Your Carpet Smells Bad

Carpet is a fabric. Fabrics have the propensity to take on odors. As such, there's always a risk of your carpet smelling bad.

Note, though, that the second it starts to smell bad is the same second you need to call a carpet cleaner. Bad odors are indicative of residue within the carpet and they need to be removed so as to prevent premature deterioration.

7. It's Been a While

The last sign that you need professional carpet cleaning is that it's been a while since your carpet was last professionally cleaned. Even if your carpet looks fine on the surface, it's bound to have miscellaneous residue trapped within it. This residue could cause undue wear and tear and could even result in air quality issues.

Generally speaking, it's wise to have commercial carpeting professionally cleaned every three to four months. Having it professionally cleaned on a consistent basis will prevent irreparable damage from occurring, allowing the carpet to last as long as possible.

Note, at the very least, you should have your carpet professionally cleaned annually. Allowing it to go uncleaned for any longer than a year will cause issues down the line.

Need Professional Carpet Cleaning in Roanoke, Virginia?

Do you detect any of these signs with your carpet? Need professional carpet cleaning in Roanoke, Virginia? If so, we here at Next Level Building Solutions are the people to see.

We're well-versed in the cleaning of commercial carpet. Regardless of the nature of your carpet, we'll have it looking good as new in no time.

Contact us now to get the process started!


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