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Debunking the Most Common and Best Cleaning Company Myths

Over 50 million Americans struggle with allergy issues each year. Allergies are even the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the US. Leaving dust, pollen, and dander throughout your offices could trigger symptoms.

If your employees are sneezing and sniffling in your offices, consider hiring the best cleaning company in town. Their services can minimize sick days and downtime.

Otherwise, you might notice a drop in productivity.

On the fence about hiring a commercial cleaning company? Here are six myths you need to ignore. Debunking these myths could help you make a more informed decision for your business.

Keep reading to debunk the top myths about the cleaning industry today.

1. Cleaners Will Steal My Possessions

Many business owners are concerned a commercial cleaning company will steal valuable items from their offices.

Before hiring the best cleaning company in Roanoke, vet your options. Look for a team that has years of experience in the industry. Then, ask the company if they hire employees or contractors.

Make sure they complete background checks for every member on their team.

Hiring a professional, qualified, vetted team will give you peace of mind. You won't have to worry about them stealing anything in your offices.

Make sure the company is licensed, bonded, and insured, too. You can feel confident hiring a reputable, licensed team. If an accident occurs, their insurance will cover it.

Make sure the company has general liability and worker's compensation insurance.

If something is damaged or stolen, their insurance will handle the situation moving forward. If someone is injured on the job, they won't hold you liable. You won't have to pay out-of-pocket to cover damages or medical bills.

The best commercial cleaners won't steal from your business or cause problems. Instead, they'll ensure your offices are spotless.

You can minimize dust, keep your offices organized, and minimize unnecessary downtime caused by illness.

2. They'll Invade Our Privacy

Some business owners are concerned a commercial cleaning service will put their private data at risk. Hiring a team of professionals will give you peace of mind.

A professional team won't go snooping through your possessions or files. Instead, they'll focus on their job.

Make sure to find a team with years of experience in the industry. Review their credentials as well.

An experienced team likely has an efficient plan in place. They'll know how to clean your offices thoroughly and quickly. They won't have time to snoop around.

If you're still concerned, consider putting certain rooms or areas off-limits.

The best cleaning company will respect your needs and space. You won't have to worry about them invading your privacy.

3. They're Not Professional

If you're worried the team won't remain professional, consider their reputation. A reputable business will want to maintain that reputation. They'll work hard to provide the best possible services for every client.

Before choosing a commercial cleaning company, look online for reviews. Ask the company if they can offer references, too. Try to speak with one or two of their recent clients.

Then, make a list of questions to ask. For example, you can ask:

  • Did the team arrive on time

  • Did you experience any problems

  • How were those problems resolved

  • What services did you request

  • Did their services meet your expectations

  • Did they bring their own supplies

  • Was the team professional and knowledgeable

Otherwise, check the company's Google My Business and Better Business Bureau pages. Read reviews from their recent clients.

You might find one or two negative reviews. That's normal. If the negative comments outweigh the positive ones, look elsewhere.

Reading reviews will ensure you hire a professional team. You can feel confident in their ability to offer the best possible services.

4. Cleaners Use Harsh Chemicals

If you're environmentally conscious, talk to your commercial cleaning service about the cleaners they use. Many companies use eco-friendly cleaning products. You won't have to worry about them using toxic chemical cleaners throughout your offices.

Using environmentally safe products could benefit your team. You won't have to worry about chemicals making anyone sick.

Instead, you can clear away dust and pollen from your office, clearing the air to create a clean work environment.

5. It Costs Too Much

If you're concerned about the cost of hiring a commercial cleaning service, shop around. Get quotes from at least three local businesses. Then, ask what's included within the quote.

The best commercial cleaners will work with you to make a plan that suits your budget.

For example, you can pick and choose which janitorial services you want each month. You can determine how often you want your cleaning company to visit, too.

Hiring a cleaning company will ensure the longevity of your offices. Meanwhile, you can boost your team's productivity and minimize sick days.

The cost could recuperate itself in the long run.

6. We Can Clean on Our Own

The average American spends 23 hours and 36 minutes a month on cleaning. You might think your employees have time to keep your offices clean. Unfortunately, the time they spend cleaning is time not spent working.

Their productivity could drop as a result. Meanwhile, you'll take time and attention away from what matters: your customers.

Your employees might even rush through the process of cleaning your offices. If they're not doing a thorough job, they could leave dust and other allergens. The risk of your team getting sick could increase as a result.

You don't have to handle cleaning your offices on your own.

Instead, hire the best cleaning company in town. They'll ensure your offices are deep cleaned.

Debunking Myths: Consider Hiring the Best Cleaning Company Today

Don't let these false myths stop you from hiring the best commercial cleaners in town. With the best cleaning company on the job, you can protect your team. Minimizing sick days will boost your team's productivity.

You can increase output, help your customers, and create a safe work environment for your team.

Interested in getting started with your own commercial cleaning service? We're here to help.

Contact us today to discuss your janitorial needs!


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