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How to Choose the Best Commercial Cleaning Company in Roanoke

Did you know that there are over 1 million janitorial services in the US alone?

Distinguishing reliable services from unreliable ones from these numerous options can be daunting. But, it's something you have to do as your employees' productivity depends on it.

Everyone wants to work in a clean environment, particularly after the Covid-19 pandemic. You have to exert yourself when choosing a commercial cleaning company. Lucky for you, this article contains all the tips you'll need to select the right company.

Read on for things to consider when choosing a business cleaning service in Roanoke.

Employee Screening

A reliable cleaning service will be thorough in their hiring process. They'll conduct background checks on all potential employees before hiring them.

That's because there's a lot on the line in commercial services. You'll be trusting the company you choose with business assets and valuable information.

Ask the company about the criteria they use to hire employees. Hire one that asks for verifiable references from all potential hires. Integrity should be a core attribute in the company's workforce.

Liability Insurance

Any reliable commercial cleaning service will have general and workers' compensation insurance covers. Janitorial services can be dangerous, as workers often deal with slippery floors. They also handle products with hazardous chemical ingredients.

A liability insurance cover steps in when accidents occur. But, this is only the case for regular employees. Insurance won't pay for cash workers' treatments.

Avoid companies that pay employees under the table as you may incur medical expenses. Let's face it; the US healthcare system is not cheap, so these expenses could put a serious dent in your profits.

Employee Training

If there is one lesson the pandemic taught, it's that hygiene can be the difference between life and death. Ensure your preferred company conducts thorough training. Their workers should know how to disinfect surfaces to eliminate germs properly.

They should also know how to operate within the Covid-19 guidelines. Though the worst part has already passed, there's always a risk of new variants spreading.

The right company will also train its workers on proper etiquette. Remember, the workers may, at some point, have to interact with your clients. You don't want to lose clients over rude behavior from people who don't work for you.

Facilities Served

You'll need a company with experience cleaning facilities like yours. That's more so if you operate a medical facility or industrial warehouse.

Such facilities need specialized attention because of the sensitivity of their roles. The lengthier the company's experience, the better their services will be. Experience also translates to fewer accidents.


Your chosen commercial cleaning service will most likely work after regular office hours. Find a company you can trust with your business assets. How do you gauge a business' trustworthiness? Simple: By assessing its reputation.

The best commercial cleaning company will have many accounts. Cleaning companies can only maintain accounts if they offer quality services.

Past clients will also have good things to say about your chosen company if it's to be trusted. Look for online customer reviews or ask the company for references you can contact. Hire a company with a good reputation for a long-lasting relationship.


The best business cleaning service will be willing to work with your schedule. The most convenient time for cleaning services is often after-hours. After-hours cleaning prevents cleaning crews from affecting employees' productivity and inconveniencing clients.

The right company understands these concerns and will work when convenient for you. They'll also adjust their schedules if your employees are working overtime.

Services Offered

Your business operations will determine your cleaning needs. Some businesses require general services like vacuuming, trash disposal, and dusting. But, others like medical facilities need more specialized services like disinfecting.

Some also need everyday cleaning, whereas others require weekly cleaning. Ensure your chosen company offers your preferred services before signing any contract. Also, ask whether some specialized services may affect the agreed-upon cost.

Communication and Availability

The best commercial cleaning company will be easy to reach at all times. You never know when you may need emergency cleaning services.

You can gauge a company's responsiveness by assessing its response speed before hiring them. A company that's difficult to reach during the hiring process will be even harder to contact after. You may be forced to look for an alternative in the long run.

Products Used

A reliable business cleaning service will offer a list of their cleaning products. The products shouldn't be harmful to your employees or the environment. How do you distinguish non-toxic cleaning products from toxic ones?

The EPA has made it easier for buyers to differentiate between the two by labeling safe products. Safe products carry the Safer Choice or Design for the Environment (DfE) labels. Don't be swayed by-products that only contain the 'green' label.

Most of these products only use this label as a gimmick to trick you into thinking that they're safe. Professional janitorial cleaning services look for EPA-approved labels when choosing their products. Hire a commercial cleaning company that cares about your health and the environment.

Maintenance of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Cleaning products' suppliers provide MSDS for safety purposes. These sheets contain more information on products' risks and cautionary details.

Most reliable cleaning services keep them to protect their workers and your employees. These sheets are crucial if a company decides to store its products in your facility.


It's always best to pick a company that's located near you. This way, it's easier for you to contact them if you need emergency cleaning services. It's also cheaper to hire local companies. They don't include transport expenses in their charges. It will also be easier to conduct background checks on local companies. You can be more thorough because it's easier to reach out to a company's past clients.

Get Value by Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Finding the right commercial cleaning company can be challenging. Luckily, this article has you covered.

Considering factors like reputation and experience will help you make the right choice. Sure, this may take some time. But, you'll have a partner you can rely on in the long run.

Contact us today for reliable and affordable commercial cleaning services today!


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