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Know the Facts: How Long Does the Human Coronavirus Last on Surfaces?

Know the Facts: How Long Does the Human Coronavirus Last on Surfaces?

Coronavirus is a current pandemic affecting the nation. Feel safer by knowing the hard facts. Here's how long the human coronavirus can last on surfaces.

With the COVID-19 coronavirus spreading across the world, more than 33% of the entire population is on some type of lockdown.

Since this human coronavirus is so new, there are still a lot of things we don't know about the disease. 

How long does coronavirus last on surfaces, exactly? Keep reading to learn all of the current research and what you can do to stay healthy and safe.

Everything You Need to Know About Coronavirus on Surfaces

Data can continue to change as researchers study the coronavirus further. At the moment, research shows that this virus can survive for several days on different surfaces.

The materials you need to be the most cautious with are plastic and stainless steel since the virus can survive up to 3 days on these surfaces. Cardboard is less dangerous because the coronavirus can last up to 24 hours. Copper surfaces are the least hospitable to the virus since it can only live up to 4 hours on it.

Coronavirus Can Also Float in the Air

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The coronavirus isn't technically classified as an airborne virus. However, some data shows that infected particles can float in the air for up to 3 hours if the conditions are right. This is why health experts have started asking everyone to wear masks whenever they go outside since asymptomatic people can still spread the disease by exhaling.

If you're concerned about your space, opening the windows to let some fresh air and sunshine inside can help kill the coronavirus. It may not sound like much, but UV rays are powerful enough to disinfect the air.

What Can You Do to Kill the Human Coronavirus?

It can be startling to learn about the lifespan of coronavirus on surfaces. The good news is that this virus is actually quite fragile compared to others throughout history. With a little bit of scrubbing with soap and water, you can effectively disable it.

Aside from washing your hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds, you should also get into the habit of sanitizing everything that enters your space with a bleach wipe or any other potent cleaning solution. Other important coronavirus home cleaning tips include wiping down high-touch surfaces, vacuuming, and doing laundry as soon as you return from outdoors.

Cleaning and Disinfection for Households and Businesses Have Never Been More Important

There's a lot of the fear surrounding the human coronavirus pandemic. During these

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times, it's important to focus on the things you can control to keep you and your loved ones safe. Aside from social distancing, cleaning everything that enters your home is crucial. Homeowners have an easier time keeping their space sanitary. However, essential businesses have to do everything they can to keep working conditions safe.

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