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The Stunning Benefits of Commercial Floor Buffing in Roanoke, VA

Do your floors lack the shine they once had?

Well, there is no need to replace them. Commercial floor buffing can restore them to their original beauty and luster. There are many benefits when it comes to floor buffing. These include furthering their longevity. Roanoke VA cleaning services can help restaurants, retail centers, and more. If you're ready to restore your floors' luster, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of commercial floor buffing.

What is Commerical Floor Buffing?

Commercial cleaning involves trained professionals who use both equipment and technology to clean your floors. These tools will help enhance the appearance of your floor and improve its longevity. Floor buffing gives your floors a glossy finish by using a buffing machine. The pads at the bottom of the machine spin to remove dirt and scratches that can not be removed with regular cleaners. There are two main ways to buff your floors: spray or dry. A spray buffer uses liquid, whereas a dry buffer uses speed. Spray buffers are more common, but professional cleaning services usually have dry buffers.

Floor polishing happens naturally when you buff. But if you want an ultra-glossy look, you'll have to partake in a different process. Polishing, or burnishing, uses a machine that spins at a faster rate. The machine is heavier, so the weight also helps in smoothing out your floors. These machines can easily remove bumps or chips on your floor.

Commercial floor cleaning Roanoke

Both of these processes are used on many different types of floors. These include tile, stone, concrete, laminate, and marble. Polishing machines work much faster than buffing machines, which makes them useful for large spaces. But buffing still has numerous benefits.

Cleaning and Restoring

Throughout your floor's life, it will face spills and accidents. By regularly cleaning your floors, you're improving their cleanliness and sanitation of them.

VA commercial cleaning services will also help in making your floors more resilient to damage from future spills. You don't want to impose a bad first impression through dull floors. In fact, most businesses want to improve their space so they can have successful first impressions with their clientele.

By hiring cleaners to buff your floors, you restore their natural state. Your scratches will disappear, along with the grime collected from years of neglect.

Some companies may even offer color-coordinated polish to change the look of your space.


It is no secret that the more you care for something, the longer it will last. This also applies to floors. By using the wrong detergents and the wrong scrubbing technique, you hurt the appearance of your floors. Commercial janitorial services know the right techniques and supplies to use to reverse the damage done while avoiding it any further. This is why it is recommended to hire Roanoke VA cleaners.

With regular commercial cleaning, you can extend your floor's lifespan. This is because floor buffing removes the particles that are penetrating the surface. Moisture, dirt, and dust ruin the look of your floor. Especially paired with other services such as soap cleansing or wax, your floors will be resistant to further damage and sustained throughout the years.

Save Money

Floor replacement is more expensive than upkeep. If you clean your floors once a year, they can last for decades. You can think of floor polish as armor to your floors. Without it, they are susceptible to cracks, spills, and other forms of damage.

No matter how old your floors are, it is still possible to return them to their original state. Cleaning services strive to make their customers happy by accommodating to your schedule and providing great results.


It is very easy to maintain a polished floor. In fact, there isn't much you have to do.

There are a few steps you can take to keep your polish in good condition until your next appointment. These include:

  • Cleaning spills as soon as they happen

  • Daily dry mopping

  • Weekly wet mopping

One thing to be aware of is the cleaners you use when wet mopping. Make sure that you're using cleaners that are PH neutral. Vinegar, bleach, and ammonia can damage your polish. Dry mopping is a great way to remove dust particles, especially for polished concrete floors. These particles find their way into tiny crevices within the polish and can rid it of its shiny look. Cleaning spills as soon as they happen is also a great safety measure to take. When there is a liquid within any walking area, you should immediately put up a "caution" sign and proceed to clean it. This way, you can prevent anyone from slipping and hurting themselves.

The Importance of Hiring Professionals

Though many business owners believe that buying their own machine will save them time and money, that is not the case. In fact, it will achieve the opposite effect.

When you use your own machine, you take away time from your business. The process is heavily time-consuming and you may not have enough attention to delegate to the fine details. By hiring cleaners to do this for you, you will have more free time on your hands and you won't have to worry about buying your own machine. Professional cleaners know what to look for and how to operate their own machinery.

Floor Buffing in Roanoke, VA

Commercial cleaning has risen in popularity due to businesses wanting to improve their look. With shiny floors, how could you not assume that a business has its priorities straight? Now that you know the benefits of floor buffing, you may want to hire a commercial cleaning service to help your business.

If you're located in or around Roanoke, VA, contact us to help you return your floors to their original shiny state!


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