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How Often Do Businesses in Roanoke, VA Need to Be Pressure Washed?

We're not always aware of the places that germs like to hide, from elevator buttons to restaurant menus, as there are many places they can accumulate. That includes the ground and exterior areas around your business office as well.

Pressure washing is one way to clean dirt, debris, and gunk around your business exterior. Doing so keeps pests, mold, trash, and dirt down and makes your business shine. But how often do businesses need to be pressure washed?

Here's how often you should book pressure washing services in Roanoke for your business.

Regular Pressure Washing Benefits Your Business

You might be wondering if you even need pressure washing services. Isn't a quick sweep and washing the windows enough?

While a broom and rag are good for everyday cleaning, there are some issues your standard cleaning supplies can't tackle. For instance, how do you plan on getting gum off your sidewalk? What about cobwebs and stuck-on grime on areas of your building exterior you can't reach?

Here in Virginia, we see all kinds of weather, but it's the hurricane season that brings rain and wind and plenty of wet conditions where mold and mildew can thrive.

Pressure washing, combined with commercial cleaning products, helps to wipe out mold. It also cleans off the pollen that accumulates during the dreaded pollen season.

Having the exterior of your office pressure washed makes your building more appealing to customers and keeps them safe from allergens, mold, and more, but did you know it also boosts productivity?

It makes sense when you think about it since employees won't want to go to work at a dirty facility or office. A clean working space puts them in a better frame of mind, which boosts their mood and their morale. This can help them stay focused throughout the workday and improve productivity overall.

How Often Should Your Building Be Pressure Washed?

Now that you know pressure washing can improve the office's appearance, how often should you have it done?

The general guideline is that you should have your business pressure washed every few months. It depends on a few factors, such as the weather and how much dirt and debris has accumulated. We recommend that you use your best judgment, but scheduling a pressure washing service every few months is a good place to start.

Signs Your Office Needs Pressure Washing Services

If you're not sure whether it's time to call for a service or not, here are a few signs that can help you make the decision. Business owners may not even notice these signs until they start to look, but customers will.

The Exterior Looks Unkempt

The first and most obvious sign you need to call for commercial cleaning services is a dirty and unkempt exterior. Do the walls of your building look dirty? Are the bricks caked with years of grime or growing mold?

First off, if you notice mold, you need to have your building cleaned straight away. Molds affect your employees and your customers as it has the potential to cause allergies and breathing problems. In some cases, mold can even cause asthma attacks in people that are allergic to it.

Dirty walls are also unsightly and will make your customers think twice about entering your building. After all, if the exterior looks run down, it makes your business look less professional.

You Notice Stains

Stains can happen for many reasons, and most can be washed away with a hose. However, some stains are more stubborn and may have leeched into the concrete. For instance, years of caked-on dirt on the sidewalk or oil stains.

If not even the rain and garden hoses can clean up these stains, you need a more powerful solution.

Concrete is porous, and oil or other spills can leak into the holes and set, creating an ugly stain. Thankfully, pressure washing can remove these unsightly stains.

It's Spring Allergy Season

Spring is a time of warmer weather, blooming flowers, and lighter clothes. People start thinking about heading out to the parks, nature trails, and the beach. But it's also pollen season, and that pollen can gather on everything from cars to windows to everything in between.

Pressure washing at this time of year keeps the pollen down, which helps your exterior look cleaner and also benefits those customers with allergies.

Cobwebs and Bug Nests

Spiderwebs and cobwebs are great for Halloween, but not so great for your business exterior the rest of the year. The last thing you want is for customers to imagine haunted houses as they approach your business.

Other pests can also make their homes outside your business, leaving nests around the exterior. Bugs can make their homes in cracks or on the siding. Those that lay eggs can create a bigger problem, like an infestation.

Regular pressure washing services cut down on these pests and discourage them from nesting around your property. It can help make your business look more professional, which also improves your bottom line.

Gum and Gunk Stuck to the Sidewalk

Sidewalks are dirty places as people track mud, dirt, and whatever is on the bottom of their shoes across them. Over time, this dirt can get ground down into the concrete, creating an ugly exterior outside your business. Some people might even spit their gum out on the sidewalk, which eventually gets stepped on, collecting dirt and turning gross.

Many business owners believe there isn't much they can do about the ugly sidewalk outside their office or business, but there is a solution!

Pressure washing not only blasts away years of caked-on dirt, but it's the go-to method business owners rely on to remove gum from the sidewalks and driveways around their offices.

Commercial Building Cleaning Services in Roanoke

Your business can only benefit from investing in commercial cleaning services, such as pressure washing. So how often should your building be pressure washed? We recommend three or four times a year or whenever you feel your exterior needs a good washing down.

Are you ready to take the next step and improve your building's exterior? Learn more about our services and call us to get a free estimate today!


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